Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Coral Sea Fades Away

It seems like I was heading out on the decks of the Coral Sea just a few years ago to go catch a deckload of pink salmon at Red Bluff Bay. In actuallity, the year was 1998 and many of boat loads have come since that time, but we always remember our “first time” the most. The Coral Sea fished in southeast Alaska until 2003, then is was sold and used as a water tender in the San Juan Islands for nearly a decade. Last summer, the Coral Sea returned to southeast Alaska. The adventure was cut short abruptly as the boat struck a rock in Waterfall Bay near the end of the summer. The captain and crew were stunned, but everyone was safe. The boat was eventually raised and returned to Wrangell Harbor for repairs. The latest update is that the mighty Coral Sea has been demolished. She’s nothing but firewood now… I feel like I have lost one of the great loves of my life. Goodbye, Coral Sea.


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