Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V Mark Christopher’s Watery Grave

This is an incredible underwater video of a sunken seiner just outside of Takatz Bay in Chatham Strait. Thanks the for this incredible find. This is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Enjoy the video. As my friend Seth Perry said, “Now we know what the snag of White Rock is.”


  1. My name is David M. Rinehart. I fished aboard the Mark Christopher with captain Lonnie Thomas for over 10 years. The year the boat was lost was the first year I did not fish with Lonnie because I was running my first crab boat. Lonnie ended up with a rookie crew that year and what you see on the ocean floor is the result. I have a lifetime of memories aboard the Mark Christopher, It was one of the original Craig Alaska high-liners.

  2. I’m simply known as JET. I fished with Lonnie Thomas until about 1996. We had awesome fishing seasons aboard the Mark Christopher. Lonnie was tough and a great captain. It took me 3 seasons to get Lonnie to realize my name wasn’t mother-fucker. It was a great boat and it always had a great crew, Lonnie Thomas was the most honest captain I’ve ever fished with.

  3. My name is David M. Rinehart and I fished with Lonnie Thomas for about 10 years. The year this boat sank I had left to run a crab boat and Lonnie had ended up with a rookie crew. The boat on the bottom of the sea is the result. The Mark Christopher and Lonnie Thomas were both part of the original Ward’s Cove, Craig Alaska “High-Liners”. Fishing on this boat was awesome!

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