This is an incredible underwater video of a sunken seiner just outside of Takatz Bay in Chatham Strait. Thanks the for this incredible find. This is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Enjoy the video. As my friend Seth Perry said, “Now we know what the snag of White Rock is.”


Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast


  1. My name is David M. Rinehart. I fished aboard the Mark Christopher with captain Lonnie Thomas for over 10 years. The year the boat was lost was the first year I did not fish with Lonnie because I was running my first crab boat. Lonnie ended up with a rookie crew that year and what you see on the ocean floor is the result. I have a lifetime of memories aboard the Mark Christopher, It was one of the original Craig Alaska high-liners.


  2. I’m simply known as JET. I fished with Lonnie Thomas until about 1996. We had awesome fishing seasons aboard the Mark Christopher. Lonnie was tough and a great captain. It took me 3 seasons to get Lonnie to realize my name wasn’t mother-fucker. It was a great boat and it always had a great crew, Lonnie Thomas was the most honest captain I’ve ever fished with.


  3. My name is David M. Rinehart and I fished with Lonnie Thomas for about 10 years. The year this boat sank I had left to run a crab boat and Lonnie had ended up with a rookie crew. The boat on the bottom of the sea is the result. The Mark Christopher and Lonnie Thomas were both part of the original Ward’s Cove, Craig Alaska “High-Liners”. Fishing on this boat was awesome!


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