Japanese Tsunami | One Year Later

The is an amazing interactive photo essay on the damages and repairs that have taken place over the past year.  The devastation was so intense, its truly incredible how quickly then have bounced back. It should be interesting to see how the herring market rebounds this year.

In just over two weeks, Japan will be observing the one-year anniversary of the disastrous magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that struck its east coast in March of 2011. The destruction was unprecedented and the loss of life and property were staggering — more than 15,800 are confirmed dead, with another 3,300 still listed as missing nearly a year later. Photographers documented the many faces of this tragedy and have now returned to give us a look at the difference a year can make, re-shooting places that were photographed during and immediately after the quake. Collected here are 20 of these pairings. They are interactive: Starting with number 2, click the images to view a fading before/after comparison.

via Japan Earthquake: Before and After – In Focus – The Atlantic.

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