The Sinking Of The F/V Stikine

Tragedy can strike at nearly anytime, while on the water.  Early this year, the F/V Stikine was sardine fishing off the California coast when the boat began to take on water.  There was a small craft advisory that eve, but the real dilemma was water entering the engine room thru the galley door.  Lucklily, all the crew members were safe.  The biggest concern now is salvaging the boat, which has been on the bottom for the past month  Here is a timeline of the events with relevant news and video.


Jan 5th  PLEASURE POINT — A 58-foot sardine fishing boat sank about 2 miles off Pleasure Point early Friday morning, but the four-man crew were rescued in rough seas by the crew of another fishing boat who heard their Mayday call, the U.S. Coast Guard reported.

The crew of the Moss Landing-based “Stikine” were fishing for sardines in 11-foot seas Thursday night, said U.S. Coast Guard Lt. John Suckow. The crew told authorities that water rushed in the boat from big waves, and there were problems with nets, rigging and their sardine load.

The boat took on water, the captain made a May-day call a few minutes after midnight, Suckow said. The Coast Guard received the call as well as at least one other fishing boat in the area – El Dorado.

via Sardine fishing vessel sinks in high seas off Santa Cruz coast, crew rescued – San Jose Mercury News.

Feb 13th | NEAR SOQUEL POINT, CA – The rainy weather has postponed plans to remove a sunken sardine vessel off the coast of Soquel Point.

The Coast Guard originally were planning to pull the ship back to land on Tuesday but have since postponed the emerging to the end of this week or beginning of next week.

Crews need to remove a number of nets and gear from the boat, before they can undergo the re-surfacing process.

via Sunken Sardine Ship Surfacing Postponed Due to Weather – Central Coast News KION/KCBA.

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