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Via FineArtAmerica:

By James R. Williamson
Representing the fishermans life in the Pacific Northwest. The tang of the salt spray, the cry of the gulls, the sixth sense of knowing where to find the fish, working the seas bravely, swapping yarns and feeling alive, Ah! Thats the life lads. A rugged life, spray flying, nerves straining. We depend on these fishing boats and their crews to harvest the bounty of the sea.
A salt spray adventure. Cast off the lines and set your compass.
There were fortunes made, most of them lost in the following season, there were big seasons, tremendous runs. One thing is for sure – the pure risk of the business. A fisherman builds a boat and she will fill his life with adventure, glamour and heroics. The fishing boat Nikki Lynn, Argh! Think of her lads with a bone in her teeth, knifing through heavy swells on the North Pacific.
A salt water man, gambling that this year will be the big one. The tang of the salt spray, the roar of the wind, the smell of salt water in the air, the cry of gulls, eyes wide on the tossing deck. One more season, one more chance to experience the fisherman�s life in the Pacific Northwest.

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