The End is Near… Southeast Alaska Salmon 2011

August has blown by faster than anyone could imagine.   The salmon continue to flow throughout Chatham Strait and the southern districts have produced very little.  Ironically, last year the entire show was on the south end of Southeast Alaska, with everyone packed into Areas 1 and 2.   Salmon fishing is always full of surprises.  We were pack in Petersburg again this time on the “Alcatraz” dock.  Bascially, its the dock used to repair the torn nets.  We ripped up super bad, resulting in a couple of days of intense net work.  So, the net is mended, and its time to head back out.  There are only 8 possible days of fishing left and I hope the fish continue to move.  The next big move would be to head to Puget Sound.  The pink salmon run is just starting down there and the price is even higher.  Hopefully, we will get a piece of the action.   Only 70 boats will be fishing the huge return of pinks this year.  So, it should be huge.

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