Summer Salmon Surprise. The Return of the Deckloads!

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After what everyone is referring to as “The Lull,” we have managed to have a huge opener in Southern Chatham.  Its the first time in ten years that I have seen a circumstance similar to this.  It was actually pretty frightening.  I have high hopes for this season and I believe that it could still be a incredible run.  The fish are still coming in strong thru Icy Straits.  The last F&G announcement shows strong numbers in various areas with most of the fish coming in the north.  The southern districts have only a one day opportunity this next opener, so not much is expected of the southern districts.  Let’s hope that the northern run stays strong.  The potential for 10 more fishing days in on the table, so let’s hope that August still produces.  Good luck out there, guys!

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