Astaxanthin, the missing ingredient to GM Salmon?

This is a great article that sums up the plight of the pacific salmon.  These creatures travel amazing distances and their ocean adventure is what makes them so delicious.  Krill is a huge part of this equation.  Salmon farms will never be able to produce anything like a truly beautiful wild Chinook Salmon

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The deep reddish orange color called `Salmon Pink` that occurs in real Salmon is a natural result of their traditional diet featuring krill and/or fish that eat krill. This pigment, the carotenoid Astaxanthin is also a powerful antioxidant with many known health benefits: Helps prevent bladder cancer. Stimulates the immune system. Protects the retina from oxidative damage. Easily crosses the blood brain barrier. Useful to treat Alzheimer`s disease, Parkinsons disease and other nervous system disorders.

via Wild Pacific Salmon Explained.

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