In Bolivia, Water and Ice Tell of Climate Change –

I last visited La Paz in 2007.  As you look around the tallest capital city in the world, its hard not to realize the stunning mountains in the distance.  At the local hostel that I stayed at, they had a number of old photos showing the ice on the mountains over the years.  According to this article, that glacier has already melted.  I think its time that we realize our impact on this world.  Make sure to check out the video after the jump…


Published: December 13, 2009

EL ALTO, Bolivia — When the tap across from her mud-walled home dried up in September, Celia Cruz stopped making soups and scaled back washing for her family of five. She began daily pilgrimages to better-off neighborhoods, hoping to find water there.Multimedia Audio Slide ShowA Tale of Climate ChangeEnlarge This Image Ángel Franco/The New York TimesEdson Ramírez measuring water flow from a glacier. Though she has lived here for a decade and her husband, a construction worker, makes a decent wage, money cannot buy water.“I’m thinking of moving back to the countryside; what else can I do?” said Ms. Cruz, 33, wearing traditional braids and a long tiered skirt as she surveyed a courtyard dotted with piglets, bags of potatoes and an ancient red Datsun. “Two years ago this was never a problem. But if there’s not water, you can’t live.”

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