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PhotoWalk | Juneau Maritime Festival 2012

The Juneau Maritime Festival just turned three this past weekend.  The event was initially canceled the previous week, yet many locals and tourists  turned out for the free salmon!  That’s right!  Fresh FREE Sockeye salmon courtesy of Alaska Glacier Seafoods.  There were also various tours of local marine vessels and native traditional dancing.   Overall, it was a big success.  Enjoy the pics.

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California Salmon | The Return Of The King

The news surrounding California’s salmon run has been dismal in recent history. However, this season is looking up. The price of salmon is at its highest in years and the California fleet is expecting a huge run this summer. This is a real triumph story for the fishermen of California, who have weathered a rough couple of years. Good luck to all the captains and crews, enjoy your season of June Hogs!


The 2012 California salmon season opened last weekend, and the initial reports are good and could be getting even better. That’s great news for lovers of local salmon, who have pretty much had to do without commercially caught fish since 2008. There was a limited catch last year, but this year the catch looks to be big enough that there shouldn’t be any trouble finding fish.

This season’s catch should total almost 3 million pounds, according to the California Salmon Council, an industry group. Last year, the haul was less than 1 million pounds. That seemed like a lot then, but only because the fishery had been completely closed in 2008 and 2009, and the 2010 catch was only about 250,000 pounds. For reference, the high-water mark for California salmon since 2000 was in 2004, when more than 7 million pounds were caught.

Those bad years had been the result of several factors, including water diversions from the rivers that produce the salmon, and ocean conditions that reduced the amount of krill — similar to baby shrimp — the salmon feed on.

via California salmon start their comeback – latimes.com.

Internet ByCatch | Patagonia’s New Salmon Jerky

This looks like a really great product.  Im excited to see such a well respected company providing an amazing product.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a great relationship between salmon and patagonia.  The accompanying video is a great view of the history and the sustainability of the product.


It has been a dozen years since Patagonia blazed a trail with efforts to increase the apparel industry’s use of organic cotton. Now, the company is setting its sights beyond apparel and outdoor gear to transform the packaged-food industry. Today with the introduction of three flavors of Wild Salmon Jerky, it’s launching Patagonia Provisions, a new line of sustainable foods. Bloomberg Businessweek spoke with Eric Neuron, who is heading up the effort, to learn how the company is managing spawning seasons, selecting jerky flavors, and trying to save a salmon species in the process.This is a far cry from clothes and gear. What’s the history behind this effort?Ever since our founder, Yvon Chouinard, started selling clothes, he was always really interested in the food. He’s a climber—and in rock climbing, it can take days to scale a mountain and you can only take so much weight with you. So he spent a lot of time thinking about how he packs food and what food he brings with him.What did it take to source this new product?Yvon developed relationships in the Skeena watershed in Northern British Columbia, which has no dams. Millions and millions of wild fish still come through, but they are being threatened, just like they are in the rest of the world. We’ve partnered with the Kossler family along the watershed, and we’ve helped fund a processing facility to create value-added salmon products like salmon jerky. What we are trying to do is to show the industry that we are only using methods where there is little “by-catch” [in which non-target fish get caught in commercial nets] and are catching upstream of the stocks that are threatened. We hope to push the industry away from farming because it’s one of the biggest threats to wild salmon. They produce a ton of disease in the farms, and when the wild salmon swim past the farms, they get sick with things like fish leukemia. [Patagonia has posted a video with further info on the sourcing.]

via Patagonia Swims Upstream With New Salmon Jerky – Businessweek.

Boston International Seafood Show 2012

The biggest names in the industry have gathered in Boston to show off the latest and greatest in the world of retail seafood. Enjoy some live video from the show and check back later today for all the winners.

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Here you will find the newest products, solutions and industry connections that will keep your business growing. This, along with an extensive education program will leave you more knowledgeable, connected and prepared to meet your customer needs.

International Boston Seafood Show & Seafood Processing America has been connecting qualified buyers with leading suppliers for more than 30 years. Take advantage of this experience and expertise and join us this year in Boston – March 11th – 13th!

via International Boston Seafood Show and Seafood Processing America Expected to Be the Largest in Show History – MarketWatch.

Symphony of Seafoods 2012 Winners | Taste Alaska’s Best

The premiere tasting event in the seafood industry was just held in Anchorage this past Friday evening.  Tustumena Smokehouse conquered this season, taking first place in the smoked salmon category and winning the grand prize with Kylee’s Alaskan Salmon Bacon.  Yes, salmon bacon!  Unfortunately, we can’t all be in Anchorage for the Gala event, but all of this years winners can easily be ordered to our dinner tables with the power on the internet.  Check here for a complete list the winners and their websites.  All the sites have online ordering and most are offering winter deals.  Click thru after the pic to get the inside story on the salmon bacon at the Cordova Times.

Fred West of the Tustumena Smokehouse in Soldotna, which also offers a variety of birch smoked wild Alaska salmon products, also won first prize in the smoked salmon competition. As he was presented with the grand prize award at the Symphony’s gala soiree in Anchorage on Feb. 10, West was asked by Jim Browning of the host Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation to tell the story behind the salmon bacon.West, his voice filled with emotion, explained how his granddaughter Kylee suffered an allergic reaction a few years ago to beef, chicken and pork containing growth hormones and steroids.

He vowed to create a nutritious alternative and by the summer of 2011, his smokehouse was producing heart healthy wild Alaska salmon bacon, with all natural ingredients and no MSG or nitrates. He named the product for his granddaughter Kylee.

Kwik’Pak Fisheries of Emmonak took second place in the smoked fish competition with its Old Style Smoked Yukon Keta and third place with Garlic and Pepper Infused Smoked Yukon Keta.

Sweet potato crunch Alaska Pollock sticks by American Pride Seafoods took first place in food service competition. Ivory King Salmon Sashimi from Triad Fisheries placed second in food service and Louvier’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Cajun Rice Dressing Croquette third.

Aqua Cuisine Naturally Smoked Salmon Frank from AquaCuisine won the retail competition. Tracy’s Alaskan King Crab Bisque from Tracy’s King Crab Shack in Juneau, placed second in retail, and Echo Falls Sockeye Salmon Pinwheels from Ocean Beauty Seafoods placed third.

Tracy’s Alaskan King Carb Bisque also won People’s Choice honors at the Symphony’s gala soirees both in Seattle and Anchorage.

via Heart healthy salmon bacon is Symphony winner – The Cordova Times.

Fish Market Monday

Tradex Seafoods and Seafoodnews always release timely data on the state of commercial fishing markets every Monday.  Enjoy the videos.  I’ve included a image from the crew of the F/V Equinox who are fishing in the Bering Sea this season.


Robert Reierson discusses…
– P.Cod raw material prices drop 10 cents
Snow Crab prices propped up by poor fishing conditions
– IPHC reduces Halibut quota by 18%


Russian consumption of fish increased 5% last year, even though imports fell 11%. The reason is increased domestic usage of Russian fish. Nowhere is the impact on the international market clearer than on cod, where the huge increases in Barents Sea catches have not led to price declines, because more of this cod is being consumed in Russia.

Sexy Seafood In HD | Red Lobster Reboots Advertising

Red Lobster to Showcase Its Real People in New Campaign - NYTimes.com

The approach of the campaign is new, too, focused on the workers who help bring Red Lobster’s fare to its customers. The initial two commercials — as well as content on substantially redesigned versions of the Red Lobster Web site, redlobster.com, and Facebook fan page,facebook.com/RedLobster — feature Jon Forsythe, who fishes for crabs in Alaska, and Charles Himple, who presides over the oak-wood grill at the Red Lobster restaurant in the Bronx.

Red Lobster to Showcase Its Real People in New Campaign – NYTimes.com.

Live Dutch Harbor Webcams | The Countdown to King Crab

King crab season drops in less than 24 hours.  The weather looks like it will be a nice start for the fishermen.  This year is likely to garner the highest price ever for the limited catch.  Good luck out there.

Via: http://www.coastaltransportation.com/dutch-harbor