Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Social Distancing FisherMen Style

This is a bit of buzz surrounding the recent OHA ad for social distancing on the interwebs. The video is somewhat in poor taste considering the number of lives that are lost to deliver devil bugs to the shore. However, most fishermen will find the ad amusing, so check it out. I found the video on Vimeo. The dude is clearly in the raft. No reason for the scandal at all.

Via Youtube:

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has pulled an ad that depicted a crew of fishermen throwing a man overboard in a life raft in order to practice safe social distancing. The ad did not sit right with some in the coastal community of Newport and their mayor spoke up about it.

In a letter to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer asked that the OHA immediately take down the ad.


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