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Growing up with salmon, fishing for salmon, and transboundary mining issuesEarly memories & running north through the Inside Passage in the family seine boatFishing for sockeye salmon off of Noyes Island in SE AlaskaAlarmed by the Mt. Polley mine disaster, and implications for the major transboundary, Alaska—B.C. rivers with vital salmon runsEmbarking on a documentary film project:

“Sisters and Rivers” concerning transboundary mining issuesFirst nation peoples of B.C.— their perspectives on mining issuesStories of their long resistance and struggle with multi-national corporate development in the Sacred Waters area of northern B.C.Implications of running a power line up the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, 37, into NW B.C.The Red Chris mine in the headwaters of the Stikine River;

the KSM mine development in the headwaters of the Unuk RiverThe complexities of transboundary mining issues:

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