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This video highlights how the Bristol Bay community can come together to face a common goal. Let’s hope this energy continues this season in Bristol Bay.

Via Vimeo:

Follow the subsistence and commercial salmon fisherman of Bristol Bay in the 2008 Documentary Film, Red Gold from Felt Soul Media.

“In the 12 years since we made our way to Bristol Bay to make Red Gold, the fight to save Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine has been a complete roller-coaster. There have been huge victories and crushing defeats, unfortunately the mine is alive as ever with the permitting process currently underway. I hope you enjoy the film but I urge you to take action; Bristol Bay is uniquely deserving of protection.” Travis Rummel, Co-Founder, Felt Soul Media.
Act now: Visit the Save Bristol Bay website at to sign the petition. #SaveBristolBay.

Red Gold was licensed to PBS’s FRONTLINE series and a revised version aired under the title “Alaska Gold” in 2012

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