Internet ByCatch | What Da F#@K Is A Mukbang?

Somehow this relates to seafood… This food phenom has been taking the net by storm since 2010. We have the internet to thank for this bizarre, yet entertaining hobby, which, consists of people recording themselves eating large amounts of food. For example, meet Dorothy, she is one of the best known Youtube Mukbangers. Yes, that’s a thing.

That’s right people, 23 million freakin views!!! I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice the extremely loud crunching, slurping and chewing sounds. It seems that’s part of the trend too. Sadly, it merges with ASMR, which is a conversation for another day.

So, now you have an idea of the Mukbang, let’s see the evolution of the trend. It’s basically like a Chef Mukbang, because they cook it and eat it right outta the ocean. I can’t get enough of these videos.

Just the sheer joy of this dude cooking and eating is oddly satisfying to watch. Basically, Americans are pretty much lame when it comes to seafood. Long live the Mukbang!

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