Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | “Why I Came To Alaska”

Belik explains salmon fishing better than many experienced life long fishermen.

Via YouTube:


I’m back after 2 months in the Alaskan seas and despite the exhaustion, my eyes are wide open. See, becoming a fisherman entailed a transition I’ve longed for in my journey of appreciating others; Putting myself in someone else’s boots. As I sit and write this at the airport, I’m overcome by an unexpected sense of pride and admiration for the fishing community in Kodiak and the thousands of others around the world. Because until now I’ve never been able to visualize what such a lifestyle looks like nor the role they play in the production process of fish we consume. Now I feel it. I hope you do too. Shabbat Shalom (of Peace) to everyone! . . . Over the next 3 months I’ll be producing videos while motorcycling through all 48 U.S. continental states with the legendary Global Mike Reid Make sure you Join the Ride 🛵 FB: @WheelingfortheWorld IG: #Wheelingfortheworld

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