Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Corks For Murkowski


We signed corks to mail to Murkowski in opposition of the proposed Pebble Mine.  Lummi Fisheries Supply also had a sweet salmon BBQ with all the fresh eyed world savers in tow.  I, of course, being of no real opinion on the subject decided to follow the bandwagon with the power of pink sharpies.  The Bay is surely saved after that campaign.  Wait, didn’t we Save The Bay, already?  Truthfully, there are powers at be that truly want to dig a hugehole in the earth up there.  It’s a stupid idea.  But, it’s a stupid idea that would make a few people very, very rich.  Stupid Ideas that make a few people rich is what America does best.  Yeah, I’m cyincal…  You should be too.  Stand For Salmon, Stand For Alaska, Save Pebble Mine…  Someone is just pulling strings.

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