Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Fishing Vessel Stability

Via YouTube: Stability problems account for 35% of vessel losses. The lives of operators and crew depend on the stability of the vessels in which they go to sea. This film outlines the nine factors that affect the operational stability of small fishing boats and suggests procedures that can enhance stability as it is affected by each these factors: 1. Proper Loading 2. Free Surface Effect 3. Watertight Integrity 4. Icing 5. Lifting Loads 6. Shifting Loads 7. Weight Creep 8. Hang Ups 9. Heavy Seas Footage of real fishing vessel capsizings, the use of models, and survivor interviews illustrate the potentially tragic results of vessel stability problems. This film is useful for anyone who operates or works on a fishing vessel or any small workboat. Produced by Alaska Marine Safety Education Association and the University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program with funding provided by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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