Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | When Fishing Gets Stupid

Via YouTube:

27-year-old Kami Cabana of Girdwood, a locally well-known downhill skier one time model for the North Face and the skipper of the F/V Chugach Pearl is being charged with felony assault with a weapon after ramming salmon seiner FV Temptation while competing for fish.Gerald Cunningham of Cordova suffered a concussion from the exhaust stack hitting him.A group of boats had formed a blockade to try to keep competing boats from entering the area where the fish were schooled. The FV Temptation tried to run that blockade when the FV Silver Streak hit their stern before the FV Chucach Pearl struck them midship. The skipper of the Temptation thought maybe it was an accident until the skipper of the Pearl, yelled “Get the Fuck out of my way i need to get my net out.” He is suing the group of boats involved for 700K.

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