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Produced by the Provincial Department of Fisheries Recorded by Associated Screen Studios of Montreal Photographed and Directed by Geo. J. Alexander Some information from Facebook by Mike Rydqvist McCammon: 10:27 “Valdes Isle” – Built in 1941 in New Westminster by Mareno Boat Works. In 1945-1958 she was owned by Herbert V. Joyce, Quathiaski Cove BC. In 1961 she was owned by Tulloch-Western Fisheries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1980 she was owned by Douglas J. Knadle, Sooke BC. In 1989 she was owned by Dock Fish Co. Ltd., Sooke BC. In 2004-2013 she was owned by Keith P. Nelson, Port Alberni BC. 10:53 “Cape Knox” – Built in 1940 in Vancouver by unknown. In 1958-1971 she was owned by The Canadian Fishing Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC 30:09 “Sea Luck” – Built in 1926 in Vancouver by unknown. In 1931 she was owned by Genichi Kodama, Vancouver BC. In 1945 she was owned by Armour R.J. Sambrook, Quathiaski Cove BC. In 1949 she was owned by James Lagos, Quathiaski Cove BC. In 1958-1961 she was owned by Edward G. Warnock, Pender Harbour BC. (Nauticapedia) 18:55 This looks like the Gulf of Georgia Cannery to me


Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast

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