Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Spoken Word | Sustainability

Via YouTube: It is our responsibility to help make sure there are plenty of “fish in the sea” for our children and their children. That way, we can all enjoy the great taste and benefits of seafood—without putting stress on our ecosystem. Long before sustainability became an industry buzzword, Long John Silver’s was creating strategic partnerships with those who shared the vision of fishing smarter with less environmental impact. So we partnered with companies like Trident and High Liner, who share this vision. Long John Silver’s primary products are 100 percent wild-caught Alaskan Cod and Pollock from the best-managed fishery in the world. The waters of the Northern Pacific and the stocks of Cod and Pollock are continually monitored while fishing quotas are adjusted to protect the strength of these species. We are proud to share our sustainability message that is shot with authentic footage both on and off the shores of Alaska. This message portrays the beauty and drama of the waters from which the fish are caught, and shares how sustainability guides our brand everyday with an impressively loving force. At Long John Silver’s, we believe that every guest—and our planet—deserves more.

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