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Alaska produces more seafood than the other 49 United States combined. In fact, Alaska ranks as the twelfth largest seafood producing nation in the world. From the industrial fisheries of the Bering Sea…to the mom and pop operations on the Southeast troll grounds, commercial fishing is the economic glue that binds Alaska. Alaska’s vast coastlines and nutrient rich waters sustain an enormous complex of marine resources, many of which are now at historically high levels of abundance. The marine wealth that characterizes Alaska exists today despite more than a century of intense exploitation by fishing fleets from around the world. Alaska’s bounty is a tribute to the reproductive vitality of the state’s marine environment, and to the effectiveness of modern scientific resource management. It is proof positive that abundant resources and large-scale commercial fisheries are entirely compatible, at least in a realm as pristine as Alaska. Click here for for more information about John Sabella’s documentary Fishing for the Future: The Southeast Alaska Salmon Industry:…

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