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This awesome project recently met its Kickstarter goal and we can expect to see the complete documentary this fall.  This film looks incredible and hopefully we will see the final product in this year’s upcoming Via Kickstarter: OF THE SEA is currently in production. We are capturing stories from fishermen along the California coast – and we need your help to finish the film!

Over the past 5 months, our filmmaking team has captured hours of beautiful, inspiring footage for OF THE SEA. We have interviewed fishermen up and down the California coast, from Fort Bragg to San Francisco to Morro Bay. We’ve captured footage on fishing boats, and discovered stories about innovative seafood startups that are helping to bridge the gap between fishermen and people who eat seafood.

With starter funding from Cal Humanities, the initial production of OF THE SEA has been a great success (see the behind-the-scenes updates on our website). There is currently enough footage for a 15-minute short film – but there are several more stories that we want to include in the film…

Our goal is to create a 30-minute documentary. We plan to capture additional interviews and locations to tell a more complete story about fishermen, seafood and sustainability that will have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience than a shorter film. If we can find more grant funding, we’ll expand this film into a 60-minute feature documentary.

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