Here’s another great ad campaign from a fishery outside Alaska.  Make sure to visit the ThisFish YouTube channel for other informative videos about Canadian fisheries.

Via YouTube:  Fish harvesters encircle a large wall of netting around schools of salmon and pull the bottom of the netting closed, like a drawstring purse, to capture the fish. The so-called “purse” seine net is set from fishing vessels with the assistance of a small skiff. 

Fish harvesters use a skiff to hold the large wall of netting in a steady position as the fishing vessel pulls the netting around a school of salmon. Once encircled, a hydraulic winch is used to pull the “purse line” to close the bottom of the net, catching the salmon and preventing their escape. A powerful drum then reels in the net close to the boat where the salmon are scooped out of the net live and unwanted species are released. Because of their effectiveness at catching salmon, seine fishery openings tend to be relatively short, allowing fish harvesters only hours or a few days to net their catch.


Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast

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