Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Aldebaran

Sadly, the Aldebaran is no longer with us. The boat crashed into a rock in 2007, I believe. I might be off by a year or so. My crewmember from last season, Taylor Chaffee, was actually on the boat during the event. I wish I could relay the story in detail, but all I really remember is Taylor talking about trying to save everything she could off the boat. I always had a mental picture of Taylor standing on a submerged boat with a pasta strainer, a toaster, and any other random thing she could carry. It was actually a really haunting story, but everyone made it out safe. Photo credits go to Feodor Popof. Thanks!

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  1. They hit Bold island south of Ketchikan . Sadly they were asleep at the wheel. The tender the Champion was calling them on 16 trying to wake them up as they hit the beach .

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