FishTales | “Catch A Lot”

Via YouTube: Check out this entertaining short film called “Catch A Lot” set in the nineteenth century and continuing the tradition, a fisherman introduces his son to whale hunting. Unfortunately natural abilities sometimes skip a generation! For more information on this film, please see the credits below.

Directors / Directors: Yohann CLEMENT – Roman Dumez – Richard LIM – Kevin PALLUET – Martyn STOFKOOPER – Jean- Marie VOUILLON

Animation / Animation: Roman Dumez – Martyn STOFKOOPER – Jean- Marie VOUILLON

Picture / Image: Yohann CLEMENT – Richard LIM – Kevin PALLUET Special Effects /

Special effects : Richard LIM

Other students / Other students : Benoit GIELLY – Olivier DESMONS – Pauline CONSTANTINI – Chloe MESNAGE – Alexandre MARLIER

Rendering / Rendering: Yohann CLEMENT

Decorations / Backgrounds : Martyn STOFKOOPER – Jean- Marie VOUILLON

Music / Songs: Patrice RENAULD

Sound Editing / Sound editor: Roman DUMEZ

ArtFx : school special effects and 3D animation.

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