Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Hook, Line And Sisters Reborn?

It appears that Nat Geo People is running the complete series of Hook, Line, And Sisters, which is a reality show about the F/V Memry Anne purse seining for salmon in Chignik Alaska. As you can see from the clip, they also include some Sitka Herring footage from 2012. The show had a short run on TLC in America about a year ago and only three episodes were aired. I had a few reservations about the show alienating male fishermen in Alaska, but I still found it entertaining. I was convinced that the captain canceled the show, because he looked like such an imbecile. It’s great to see salmon seining on the Telly, but I hope that any future shows about commercial salmon fishing focus more on the community and lifestyle of fishermen and women. I wasn’t particularly thrilled about a show that only focuses on one vessel, when there is a fleet with a hundred different perspectives. I wonder how the show will be received this time around…

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