Internet ByCatch | Alaska Women Looking For Love Rank Men By “The Fish Scale”

That’s right, men! You might just be asking yourself, “What kind if fish am I?” TLC’s latest Alaskan related reality TV obsession has Alaskan women looking for love in Miami! Six “real” Alaska ladies are whisked away from the wild and “weirdness” of Kodiak, Alaska to find true love in one of America‘s most pretentious cities, Miami, FL. During the second episode, our Alaskan ladies are so overwhelmed with masculine prospects that they decide to rank them by types of fish. The highest rating is a White King Salmon, which means the ladies know their fish. The lowest descends all the way down the food chain to a lowly, flacid sea cucumber. In fact, TLC even has a game where you can rank celebrities by “The Fish Scale.” Click here to see for yourself. Now just remember, this is also the channel that brought us Honey Boo Boo! I have to say the verdict is still out in this one… Part of me feels horrible that I even watched it, but I can’t wait for the next episode. This is what happens when a fisherman is on shore for too long.  #RealityTvObsession


  1. I read ya, JT. I couldn’t ignore the show, either. Here come the Alaska gal’s sliding right into “slime eel alley”!

    It should be interesting to watch more culture shock footage, as the ladies set out fishing for Mister Right, who so far, ain’t showed up on the scope yet, and just think, if one of ’em lands one, he’ll be in for some culture shock himself when they drag him home to Kodiak.

    I’m sorry you had to find out about Honey Boo Boo, (it ain’t the kids fault) and her mother Moose. Embarrassing in the lower forty eight, but Walmart is loaded with ’em, coast to coast. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures, always a treat.

    Best regards, Bore

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