Internet ByCatch | Super Rare Ragfish Found On Juneau Beach

The Juneau Empire reports a resident this month spotted a dead ragfish on Lena Beach. Another was found in May.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration biologist Dave Csepp says ragfish can reach seven feet.

They are common off the Bering Sea slope and hang out in waters exceeding 4,600 feet.

The floppy, limp fish are long like a salmon but their skeletons are mainly cartilage. Csepp says a rap on the head with a salmon club probably would cut right through a ragfish.

NOAA Fisheries spokeswoman Julie Speegle says ragfish have no scales and their skin resembles a squid\’s. They feed on small fish and cephalopods and are eaten by sperm whales.

via JUNEAU: Rarely seen deep-sea giant washes up in Juneau | State News |

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