Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Seining F/V Norsel Summer 2012

This is definitely a ComFishFilmFest contender. I wish I had spotted in earlier this year. The video has great production value and I really like the narration. Way to go, crew of the F/V Norsel!

Via Youtube: If you’ve ever eaten wild Alaskan Salmon, then you’ve taken part in a chain of events much longer and more complex than the simple act of barbecuing or going to the store. You’ve stepped into a story that began far off on the coast of the North Pacific, where a salmon hatched from an egg in a stream. That little Salmon fry then rode all the way down that stream to the coast where it made its way out to the Ocean to feed for years on smaller fish that in turn feed on the phytoplankton that bloom in the nutrient rich waters that make that region so rich in life. And then that salmon made its way all of the way back, full grown this time, towards that river where it came from where it was caught in a net by a team of fishermen, like that of me and my crew. Take a look, maybe you’ll learn something.

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