Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Skoll Marine Stewardship Council

Via Youtube:

The Marine Stewardship Council protects global fish stocks by harnessing market forces to promote sustainability. MSC works with fisheries around the world and runs the world’s leading independent certification and eco-labeling program for companies that embrace sustainable fishing practices. Sustainable fisheries catch fish in ways that protect other marine life and undersea habitats, and they do not pull fish from the ocean faster than they can reproduce and replenish their populations. Currently, some 7% of the world’s edible seafood catch — over 4 million tons of seafood annually — are at some stage in the MSC programme with 24 fisheries certified and around 30 in full assessment. Additionally, MSC provides information for consumers so they can make an informed choice when buying seafood.

But much more needs to be done. Recent studies of the world’s fisheries showed that if current trends continue unchanged, all fish and seafood species will collapse before mid-century. Less than one percent of the global ocean is protected from overfishing, and in international waters a free-for-all mentality prevails where commercial fishing is carried out indiscriminately.


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