Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Gilnetting in Astoria


Via Youtube:

Gillnet fishing for salmon in Youngs Bay –Astoria Oregon.

A 20 million dollar a year industry in the state of Oregon….is under threat. Please read.

The fish being caught in this video are 3 to 7 year old fish which have made their way back to Youngs Bay because they were reared in Youngs Bay before they journeyed out to the ocean.

After 3 to 7 years in the ocean they return only to spawn—and then eventually die.

The Gillnet fisherman is able to intercept the fish before they die and bring this incredibly healthy meat to the general public for sale.

Unfair and untrue propaganda has made gillnetting out to be bad for our environment. In fact, this is a completely sustainable industry which promises healthy salmon for the general public to eat.

Most of the salmon caught are born in hatcheries which are funded by the commercial fisherman and subsidized by the power companies who built dams long ago which block the runs of salmon trying to get up the river. They cannot pass the dams to go and spawn.

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