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New York – This rather strange predator fish has the ability to breathe air and can live out of water for days under certain conditions, and frankly, is really not welcome in Central Park.

The rather ugly intruder is a northern snakehead fish, which is native to China, Russia and Korea, and for some weird reason, Harlem Meer. Able to breathe air and occasionally live out of water, the fish are known to prey on frogs and crayfish.

However, it is certainly not welcome and environmental officials are planning to survey a Central Park lake this week to search for this invasive predator fish. They state that it threatens to disrupt the ecosystem and that it is so disruptive, the state actually prohibits possession, sale and transport of the live fish and also of its eggs.

Signs have now gone up around Harlem Meer warning fisherman who catch one not to throw it back. In fact the signs ask anglers to “secure the fish” and “keep it in a secure container until it is picked up by officials.”

They are so serious about this that if park officials cannot be found at the boathouse, people are urged to call 311 and report the catch.

via Invasive predator fish to be hunted in Central Park, NYC (video).

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