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Wow! The lasts few weeks have been intense. Recently, I flew to Washington DC to represent commercial fishermen in the Tongass 77 campaign. Truthfully, I felt out of place in the middle of the sequestration process and the continued stagnation on Capitol Hill. Even though, I felt out of my element, I was excited to know that my voice didn’t fall on deaf ears. The Tongass 77 campaign was well received by senators and legislators, alike. Within hours of arriving back in Seattle, I was on a boat heading north to Alaska for the Sitka Herring Sac Roe Fishery. While, I felt comfortable to be back in an environment that I have known so well, it wasn’t long before the weather came up in Juan De Fuca and kicked our ass. In the midst of the boat heaving and tossing among the sea, I realized the ability of mankind to adapt and excel when they are taken out of their comfort zone. Being overwhelmed and displaced from your natural element allows us to discover our hidden instincts and talents. So, from the decks of a fishing boat, I realized that Washington DC was just other uncharted destination, that needs much more exploring. As for now… it’s Sitka Herring time! I’ll be switching gears from the political process to focus on this years’ fishery. Stay Tuned for the latest updates from Sitka.

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