Ports Of Call | Port Townsend, WA | The City Of Dreams

Port Townsend has a rich maritime history and is considered a U.S. National Landmark because of the Victorian housing boom that occurred in the late 19th century.  Located on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula, the town was expected to be the largest port on the west coast.  Hence the name, City of Dreams.  Unfortunately the great railroad expansion of the west coast avoided Port Townsend and the Great Depression pushed the town into an even greater slump.  Over the years, the picturesque town attracted many artists and has developed a unique culture all its own.

Recently, the town has become a thriving tourist attraction and a popular maritime harbor.  The Wooden Boat Festival highlights the regions rich history of boat building and nautical art.  Also, the presence of a TraveLift BFM, which can lift even the largest vessels,  brings many of Alaska‘s fleet to its dry docks every preseason.  So, next time you are in the Puget Sound region, consider visiting the City Of Dreams.  You might even be lucky enough to show up during the Strange Brewfest!

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