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The wit and wisdom of various commercial fishermen are on display this weekend in Astoria.  The festival is in its 16th year and support and interest continue to grow.  Next year, I hope to highlight some of the ComFishFilmFest content at the festival.  The LIVE audio from is being rebroadcast and archived here for your convenience.  For iDevice audio, download the free Mixlr app and search for JuneauTek.  The Mixlr site will also work on the iPad Or iPhone(here).   The LIVE webcast starts at 6:00 PM PST.  Check-in and chat it up as we listen to tales from the sea.  Recently, a dear friend of mine passed away.  I composed the following poem in honor of Jay Fisher.  Check out for all of the showtimes and other details

For Jay! The Fish Whisperer

Silent salmon silhouettes slip along the shore
The hum of the skiff warms his senses
The water whispers to him…
A row of corks stretch away, into the distance
Lapping waves beat against the hull
The water whispers to him…
“Almost there”
The rain taps lightly on his gear
Wet wind rips across his face
The water whispers to him…
“Come home”
His face twitches into a grin
His heart warms him from within
He whispers back…
“I am”


Written by JuneauTek

I'm loving life in Alaska! Check out my viewpoint from Alaska, as I go commercial fishing and skiing thru the land of the midnight sun. This is Alaska commercial fishing shown the way it should be, from fishermen. When, I'm not working on the high seas, I enjoy time with my family in Juneau, AK enjoying life, love and salmon in southeast Alaska

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