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Sushi will never be the same! Customers at a popular London sushi restaurant are leading the way in seafood sustainability and responsibility.  Basically, the consumer can choose his fish preference as he scans the QR codes passing by on the conveyor belt full of sushi delights.  Pay attention!  This is the future of labeling food.


Moshi Moshi is different. It is the first sushi restaurant in the world to figure out how to barcode and label its individual pieces of sashimi, nigiri and sushi rolls.

No plastic here. Just organic, edible materials fashioned into a QR-code and placed atop finger sized Japanese bites.

Much like the electronic codes used by air lines instead of boarding passes, Moshi Moshi’s interpretation of the black and white maze-like block is designed to be scanned by mobile app devices. It then gives customers the power to determine where their fish came from, down to the very fishery it was caught in to be precise. A complete story from fish to dish.

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