Ports Of Call | Ketchikan, Salmon Capitol Of The World

Two words… Liquid Sunshine! Ketchikan is the southernmost town in southeast Alaska. Located in the Tongass Narrows, Alaska’s first city is truly a rainforest. Average rainfall is nearly 153 inches per year. The main industries are focused on tourism these days. However, commercial fishing has played a huge part in the history of Ketchikan. Three major salmon processors are located throughout the town and provide much of the world with amazing wild Alaskan salmon. In the summer the town buzzes with activity as the tourists, fishermen, and cannery workers flood the town. The beauty of Ketchikan lies in its old town style comprised of numerous wooden boardwalks throughout the city. Alaska would be lost without Ketchikan’s history and heritage. Make sure to find your way to little corner of the world. Just hope that the sun is shining!


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