Ports Of Call | Sitka By The Sea

In the land of the midnight sun, one place stands out among the various visual treasures that make up southeast Alaska. “Sitka by the Sea” is truly one of the most scenic places in Alaska. Nestled into a precarious rock pile on the west side of Baranof island, Sitka is framed by majestic mountains and an awe inspiring volcano known as Mt Edgecumbe. With over 1100 slips, Sitka is home to nearly every kind of fishing boat. Every year in the spring, herring return to Sitka Sound to create one of nature’s greatest events. The spawn is so huge that its milky tint can even be seen from space. Weither your into fishing or not, Sitka offers many great outdoor adventures. The numerous islands make for great exploring and if your lucky you might even find Pirate Cove. Hiking is a must for every visitor and Totem Park is a amazing place to start. The entire park is a historic site and it offers a unique perspective on the vast history of Sitka, which was once know as the “Paris Of The West”


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