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Its about that time again.  Whales are starting to gather in southeast alaska, and that means one thing.  Its herring time!  The winters can be a bit long in Alaska.  When the herring arrive, you know it spring again.  I’m heading down to Seattle this weekend to bring the F/V Quandary north for the fishing season.  Let’s hope that Sitka is a bit more lucrative that last year.  Click thru to hear the audio from KRBD.

Fish board OKs some Sitka herring changes | KRBD

Alaska’s Board of Fisheries on Tuesday voted to close part of Sitka Sound to commercial herring harvests. But it wasn’t as much as some wanted.

The board faced a number of proposals to lower catch levels, limit commercial fishing areas, or both. The Sitka Tribe of Alaska and some others wanted further protections for subsistence harvests of herring and their roe.

The board voted down eight of the nine plans before it on Tuesday. The one that passed created subsistence-only zones by closing lucrative commercial harvest areas.

via Fish board OKs some Sitka herring changes | KRBD.


  1. Mmm – herring roe on hemlock are beautiful, and delicious in a mouth-popping sort of way.

    I don’t really get how the openings are determined, Dave – do you have a sense of when they’ll kick off this year?

  2. Most times, it seems like we are fishing by the first week of april. However, it really depends on the herring. We should see a big herring spawn off of BC before things start up in Sitka. Hopefully, we will be able to get some sort of price out of it this year. It sounds like we will start fishing and decide the price later, which means that we will probably get about 150 a ton.

  3. Does less boats automatically mean harder employment conditions? and what would that mean for Greens that head up that way?

  4. heading up as a green horn for Sitka Herring could be tough. Positions are usually filled before the boats get to Sitka.

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