Togiak Herring 2011 Update

AFD&G in Dillingham was helpful enough to give me some info in the Togiak herring fishery.  Last year 26 seine boats and 35 gillnetters, were on the scene to harvest the herring.  This year, the numbers are down and the price is rumored to be about 100 a ton.  The fishery is currently underway, as if 6:00 PM yesterday and it should take about 10 days to complete the harvest.  Good luck, guys!

This is the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in Dillingham with an announcement regarding the Togiak herring fishery.Department staff flew an aerial survey of the Togiak District today. Survey conditions were poor with low ceilings and poor visibility. Staff documented approximately 40,000 tons of herring on the grounds; this exceeds the 35,000 tons required for threshold biomass. The biomass was largely concentrated in Togiak Bay with some schools between Anchor Point and Rocky Point there were also herring moving into Nunavachak Bay. We did not observe herring in Kulukak Bay or along Cape Constantine, but were very limited by weather conditions in those areas.

via Public Fisheries News Release Page.

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