Save the Oceans, Eat Sardines!

There is a lot of buzz concerning Sardines these days.  Here’s a video of commercial sardine fishing in action.  Anyone know how much a sardine permit costs?

The world’s oceans would be a better place for wildlife if people shifted from eating large, predatory fish such as tuna and cod to smaller, “grazing” fish such as anchovies and sardines, a major scientific study has found.

Fish at the top of the marine food chain have been the favourite species for the dining table for decades but overfishing has led to a catastrophic decline, scientists said. The number of predatory fish such as tuna, cod, swordfish and groupers has fallen by two-thirds over the past 100 years; 54 per cent of this decline is thought to have occurred in the past 40 years, they said.

Over the same period, the number of smaller, foraging fish that feed on plankton has doubled because there have been fewer top fish in the oceans to eat them, according to a review of some 200 separate studies of fish populations over the past 120 years.

via Out with tuna, in with sardines – a recipe for saving the seas – Features, Food & Drink – The Independent.

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