Alaska Hosts One of the World’s Top Greenest Fisheries

This is a great story for the local village.  This could be a great model for more local fisheries.  Perhaps, Alaska’s capital needs its own salmon identity?   Traceability is a nice feature.

From thousands of choices, only two US fisheries made the list, and only one from the seafood powerhouse Alaska. As they named the tiny Alaskan village of Kaltag, as one of the world’s 11 greenest fisheries.

International Seafood’s criteria stated that they “are looking for these operations that not only take seafood from the environment in a sustainable manner but also give back to the environment and local community in a holistic and harmonious manner.”

Kaltag sits in one of the most remote and isolated regions of the U.S. which is predominantly inhabited by indigenous Athabascan Alaska Natives. Villages along the Yukon like Kaltag were located centuries ago, for one reason; the salmon resource.

via FIS – Worldnews – Alaskan village named as one of the world’s 11 greenest fisheries.

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