Has Herring Sac Roe Lost its Prestige?

The price of herring this year is a real concern.  Rumors have been spread of only 200 a ton.  It’s unlikely that fishermen will get their nets wet for less than 400 a ton.  For the past three seasons, the harvest has hit record breaking levels again and again.  So, its not much of a surprise that the supply has driven down the cost.  With spring just around the corner, this issue is heating up.  The attached article sites Cananda’s inability to keep up with the product volume fo Sitka.

“With more production coming out of Sitka, Japanese processors have used it and found that in the current economy, economic climate in Japan where people are no longer so keen on showing off prestige and status by buying something very expensive, that they’re happy buying something that is cheaper and pretty much similar.” Says Christina Burridge of the BC Seafood Producers Alliance.

via CJFW – Country 103.1 FM :: Prince Rupert worried about shore workers jobs :: News.

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