Regal Crab Get Kingly Price!

This article comes from Laine Welch, who is the fishing guru of Alaska.  Her FishRadio covers the latest and greatest in Alaska’s fisheries.  I was amazed to learn about the huge jump in price.  Nearly 8.00 bucks a pound.  Wow!  Here’s a great video of some fresh ones in Sitka 2009.

Meanwhile, the red king crab fishery at Bristol Bay ended a few weeks ago amidst little fanfare. Dock prices did indeed set a record — crabbers were advanced $6.25 per pound, compared to $4.76 per pound last year.

“It’s a very strong market due to a decrease in supplies, primarily from Russia, and a very strong exchange rate with Japan,” Jacobson said.

He said some sales prices are still being finalized, but “the final price we received that can be made public right now is $7.44 per pound for red king crab.”

The portion of crab (13 percent) that is not locked in to certain processors and can be sold on the open market is fetching 37 cents over that, Jacobson said, bringing the final price to $7.81 per pound. The previous record price for red king crab was $6.27 per pound set in 2002.

via The Alaska Journal of Commerce – King crab fetches record, weather slows start of opilio crab season 01/14/11.

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