Casting Call: Wives Of Alaskan Fisherman

I received an email from  Shed Media US, creators of such shows as “Real Housewives of New York,” “Supernanny” and “Bethenny Getting Married.”   Here’s the email:  “Alaska’s Fishermen’s Wives,” about the families of Alaska fishermen, specifically focusing on fishermen’s wives. We are looking for very strong, outgoing women with big personalities who would be willing to open up their unique and interesting lives to a television audience.”

It sounds like it could be a hot show with the recent popularity of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” series.  It seems the world is in need of some strong Alaskan women as role models.  Show them what you got, ladies!  Here is the email. Here is a great shot of Janarose looking like a superstar!  Who knows?

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