Iceland halibut stock in trouble.

I’ve added a new RSS Feed about halibut.  Check it out in the sidebar.  I have seen a ton of new articles about the dwindling halibut stocks around the world.  I believe halibut will be big in the seafood news world in 2011.  Ironically, the biggest Atlantic Halibut ever caught was only a year ago in that area.

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Icelandic halibut made international headlines last year as a group of German fishermen caught a record breaker. In fact, it is because of the monster flatfish that foreign tourists flock to the country to try their luck. Now experts are calling for a fishing ban, saying the stock is too small.

The state of the halibut stock around Iceland is very poor and research into it insufficient — according to a report commissioned by Jon Bjarnason, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture.

via Iceland halibut stock in trouble | IceNews – Daily News.

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