The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2010

This list is insane!  This article is a must see.  Frightening stuff with a rational side.  Thanks goodness we have the FDA looking out for our well being.

8. Genetically-Modified Salmon

The (Unfounded) Scare: Genetically-modified (GM) crops, often dubbed “Frankenfoods,” have long been vilified by “environmental” organizations that promote organic foods as the acme of safety and healthfulness. The gene technologies used to yield GM crops have been accused of becoming a detriment to the environment as well as causing increased risks of cancer, immune dysfunctions, and other health catastrophes. AquaBounty, a biotech company that has created the first genetically engineered animal for public consumption — Atlantic salmon — has faced considerable heat this year from opponents who claim that the GM fish consume contaminated feed, will cause allergies in consumers, and pose an environmental risk by out-competing wild fish for food or mates.

Origin of the Scare: The battle against GM foods has endured over the past few decades. The so-called deleterious effects of biotech crops on human health and the environment, perpetuated by various activist organizations, has provoked governmental regulatory bodies worldwide — especially in the European Union — to ban its use. The introduction of AquaBounty GM Atlantic salmon received an equally disdainful reaction from uninformed activist groups who insisted that the product be distinguished from conventional salmon through specific product labeling.

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