Surprising Study: Scientists Don’t Understand the Ocean

This is a great example of our government at work.  the red tape is so thick that these scientists are simply guessing.

Contrary to results using the traditional measure of ocean health, the new study found that on a global scale, predatory fish are not being replaced in nets by prey fish. Rather, catches of many big predator fish, like bigeye tuna, have increased along with those of many smaller species, from the Japanese anchovy down to the filter-feeding American oyster, according to the researchers, led by Trevor Branch of the University of Washington. [On the Brink: A Gallery of Wild Sharks]

It’s not clear what this means for marine diversity on a global scale, Branch said.

“On one hand, it could mean we are not overfishing. On the other hand, it could mean we are just fishing too hard everywhere,” he said.

via Fish Story: Doubt Cast on Depletion of Big Ocean Species | Overfishing & Big Fish Depletion | LiveScience.

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