Xtratufs Define Southeast Alaska

As a commercial fisherman, I have grown to love and hate my numerous pairs of Xtratufs over the seasons.  I was amazed to learn that Southeast was such a huge market for the brand.  It appears to me that we should be making our own brand of boots here in southeast.  Perhaps one that actually has some support.  I’ve got a peak at this book and I really dig it.  This one is one the Christmas list already.  There is a great interview with the author after the jump.

Juneau resident Larry Johansen this August published “Xtratuf An Alaskan Way of Life.” The book contains photographs of the people of Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and elsewhere in Southeast wearing Xtratufs in their daily lives and on special occasions.

via KFSK – Public Radio in Petersburg, Alaska – Local News.

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