GE Salmon made from a Conger Eel?

This is the best article I’ve seen on GE Salmon.  It’s hard to imagine that anyone would even think this is a good idea.  The ocean pout, also known as the Conger eel, is part of the strange cocktail that makes up these freeaks of nature.  Here’s a photo of the “Ocean Pout”.  I’ve also pulled together some youtube media.

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If approved, AquAdvantage will be the first genetically engineered animal to directly enter the U.S. food supply — a fact that raises the stakes of the FDA’s approval process, as it sets a precedent for all future GE animals. Because of a regulatory decision in the 1980s that no new laws are needed to regulate genetically engineered foods, the FDA is actually regulating the GE salmon as a drug

via The ‘Creepy’ Science Behind GM Salmon.

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